Ethnic Knitting Exploration (EK2)
Line Art Interior Illustration for How-to Books

publisher: Nomad Press, Deb Robson
author: Donna Druchunas
illustrator: Joyce Mihran Turley
COMMENTS and REVIEWS relating to illustrations featured in Ethnic Knitting:
"And once again the illustrator, Joyce M. Turley has outdone herself.
I like coffee table books with gorgeous photographs as much as the next person, but when I want a good down-to-earth knitting book that allows me to be creative, I prefer a book like this one."
- quoted from the FitterKnitter LiveJournal (

"The graphics are pleasant to the eye and easy to understand. Except for stitch patterns, there are no photographs, just drawings, and that takes away a lot of the “Is the model leaning like that for a reason?” mystery. It also leaves a lot of the details up to YOUR imagination, which is only a good thing."
- quoted from the review on Knitting Scholar (

"...the sketches are whimsical – I didn’t even miss the colour included in most books that ... can distract a knitter/designer from their own vision."
- quoted from member review on Library Thing (