Ethnic Knitting Discoveries (EK1)
Line Art Interior Illustration for How-to Books




publisher: Nomad Press, Deb Robson
author: Donna Druchunas
illustrator: Joyce M. Turley
COMMENTS and REVIEWS relating to illustrations featured in Ethnic Knitting:
"As a graphic designer and illustrator, I know how a good illustration can be preferable to a photograph. Often a photograph gives you too much information and therefore hard to translate into knitting. You may worry that the illustrator may take artistic license and not show you exactly what the garment may look like when completed. If that's your concern, then don't trust photographs either which can easily be enhanced to hide flaws. Joyce M. Turley has created simplified line drawings of the garments on realistic models. She gives you enough visual information to see what the finished garment will look like without imposing her color and fiber choices."
- quoted from the FitterKnitter LiveJournal

Not only are the patterns interesting, but the illustrations are incredible. Just because a book has full color images doesn't make it a great knitting book. This book is filled with delightful illustrations of the garments and detailed schematics.
- Cynthia P. Moore "FitterKnitter

"Beautiful, airy drawings make techniques and ethnic designs so clear and accessible they seem almost familiar."
- Cat Bordhi, author